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The Factory 231 was founded in 2018 by Aleja Avila and Juan Felipe Barreneche, two Colombian designers who have been around art all their lives. They started by attending art festivals to exhibit their craftsmanship. Aleja Avila launched leather handbags full of vibrant colors and fine leathers with prints and textures that demonstrate the versatility of fashion and culture. Juan Felipe is a watchmaker, who mixes innovative materials such as woods, flowers, concrete, leather and recycled materials, into a timepiece that narrates a story, while still keeping the high quality craftsmanship.

The Factory 231 was inspired by Andy Warhol’s Studio which was called “The Silver Factory” located at 231 East 47th Street, New York. The concept was to bring together a group of creators that align with our vision of good innovative design.

Our brand specializes in watches, eyewear, leather goods and accessories for innovative vanguards of design.

“The idea is not to live forever, it is to create something that will.” - Andy Warhol.

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